Project Repair Toolbox

Project Repair Toolbox restores corrupted *.mpp Microsoft Project files.

This MS Project repair kit reads and analyzes the damaged *.mpp files and exports the restored data directly to Microsoft Project.

Main capabilities of the Project repair tool MPP include:

  • Repair data from *.mpp files for Microsoft Project versions 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  • Repair project plans.
  • Repair activities and dependencies.
  • Repair resource information.
  • Repair dependencies between activities and resources.
  • Preview the restored information before saving.
  • MS Project file repair tool exports restored projects directly to Microsoft Project.
  • Microsoft Project repair tool download.
  • Microsoft Project repair corrupt file.
  • Microsoft Project 2003 .mpp repair.
  • MS Project 2003 repair file.
  • MS Project repair tool.
  • Project plan corrupted how to repair - easy solution.
  • Corrupted MS Project files repair.


  • Microsoft Project must be installed on your computer.

Other capabilities:

Microsoft Project repair tool download

Microsoft Project repair corrupt file

Project 2003 .mpp repair

Note: Project Repair Toolbox is a product of the professional software team development of and realize the benefits of other licenses, different from GNU General Public License (GPL). Unlike free software and open source programs, Project Repair Toolbox does not allow modifications in its source code. However, it is not really needed, because this program is already shown its maximum performance in all cases.

Screenshots Gallery
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Selection of a damaged file.
Analysis of the file and data recovery.
Viewing and saving the recovered data.
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